May 28th - July 25th, 2022


Can’t make it to the event on race day?  No problem!

You can still be part of the fun and get all of the great stuff with the Virtual Event.

Choose from any of the distances (all distances are eligible for Virtual except Relay Teams) and complete your event wherever you want, and with the freedom of your own schedule.  You can complete it all at once or break up the distance over multiple days. You can bike first, then run and then swim, or run, swim, bike... it's all up to you!

This is your opportunity to have a great triathlon goal, stay healthy and receive all the amazing race day goodies - including the famous Victoria Half Hoodie!  

You will have your own finish line, but you won’t be alone!

What You Get:

  • Motivation to stay on track, stay healthy and complete your goal

  • The Famous Hoodie! The Victoria Half Commemorative Hoodie

  • Special Edition Finisher’s Medal

  • Chance to win amazing Draw Prizes including trips, sportswear and more!

  • Downloadable Souvenir Race Bib

  • Personalized Finisher’s Certificate

  • On-Line Results

  • Event Updates with Training Tips, Articles and more

  • Social Media Contests and Photo Ops

  • Choice of 2 ways to complete your distance (all at once or complete each discipline separately when you can)

Blue Bike

How the Virtual Event Works:


1. Register Now!

Register HERE for the Virtual Event and select your distance/event that you want to complete.


During the registration process you have 2 different options of how you would like to complete your Virtual Event! There will be a separate Results Page race listing for each of these options/categories:


Option 1: VIRTUAL CLASSIC - This is a continuous event where you complete all of the disciplines (and transitions) at one time - like a traditional triathlon/multi-sport event.


Option 2: VIRTUAL CHALLENGE - This is where you can complete the individual sport disciplines at different times. You can complete each discipline at any time during the Virtual Event Window (the designated time period / dates to complete the event). You can also complete the disciplines in any order that you choose (does not need to follow the traditional order of a multisport event). For example, you could complete the bike distance on the first weekend, the run distance a week later and swim a week after that - as long as it is completed within the Virtual Event window.  Transition times are not required for the Virtual Challenge events.

Already Registered?  Great!


Plan for how you want to complete your Virtual Event as per above (Virtual Classic – complete your event continuously all at once, or Virtual Challenge – complete each sport separately).  You can complete your event at anytime between the virtual window of May 28th and July 25th, 2022.

2. Train for your goal Event!

3. What you will need to record your Virtual Event


Triathlon Membership / Day of Race Insurance - 

A reminder that when you start your Virtual Event you must have a current Tri-BC, ATA or Sask Tri Membership OR have purchased the Triathlon BC Day of Race Insurance (at time of registration). If you do not have this you will not be eligible to participate and will not be officially included in the event.  If you do not have one of these current memberships, you can purchase Day of Race Insurance HERE.


Tracking your Virtual Event - 

Before you start your Virtual Event, it is best to have a GPS watch/tracking device. If you have a GPS tracking device or software (i.e. Garmin, FitBit, Apple Watch, smart phone, etc.), simply record your virtual event and save it.  Uploading your results is very simple and directions on this can be found in the “HOW TO SUBMIT A VIRTUAL RESULT” section below.   Don’t forget to charge your device before you start!  If you do not have a GPS tracking device…try to borrow one from a friend, or maybe it is time for an early Christmas present!  Can’t find a GPS tracking device?  No problem - email us at for other solutions.

4. Download Your Race Bib

We have created an Official Souvenir Race Bib for your Virtual Event!  It is optional for you to wear the bib but it is a lot fun and great for the pictures (those wearing bibs will get extra chances to win prizes!).  We recommend you download the bib and place it in a waterproof sleeve. The downloadable race bib is available HERE.


5. Social Media / Photo Contest

Take pictures of your experience!  Coordinate with friends and family to take some great pics of you in action!  Submit these pictures to win some amazing prizes!  Each Virtual Participant can submit up to 3 pictures (each picture will be entered in the draw).


We love seeing pictures of you and where you are completing your Virtual Event – local landmarks, signs, beautiful backdrops, you getting ready for your race, you in action, family and friends cheering, you crossing the Finish Line!  This is where you can submit your photos:



Facebook: tag @thevictoriahalf AND also email up to 3 pictures to 

Not on Social Media? E-mail up to 3 pictures to


6. Let’s Go

Complete Your Virtual Event! Complete your event between the virtual window of May 28th and July 25th, 2022. Your distance can be completed at any time during this period.  You can complete on a course of your choice whether it is on the road, trails, track, treadmill, or wherever you want (please abide by your local health authority, municipality, park and traffic guidelines/rules).


7. Upload Your Results!

When you complete your distance/event, you will manually upload your results through Race Roster (please see the “HOW TO SUBMIT A VIRTUAL RESULT” section below).  It is a very easy process but remember, you will need a photo verification of your GPS device/watch showing your final time.  You will upload this photo when you enter your final time for your Virtual Event (please note that this is not a photo for the social media/photo contest).  Results must be submitted by July 25th, 2022 to the Results Page.


8. Results Page

Once you have entered your results and verification photo, you can view your results at any time on the Results Page. Results can be viewed throughout the virtual event period but will not be Official until after July 26th when the Virtual Event Window closes.


9. Finishers Certificate

Your Finisher’s Certificate will be available for download after the Official Results become available (after July 26th) by clicking on your name on the Results Page.


10. Race Swag!

Once you have completed your Virtual Event, we will send you instructions on how you will receive your official race swag including the Race Hoodie/Run Tech Shirt, Finisher’s Medal and other event merchandise you have purchased.


11. Prizes

In addition to the Social Media / Photo Contest, we will have some fun contests that all Virtual Participants will be eligible for.  Keep a watch out on the social media pages and athlete update newsletters.  All Prize Winners will be announced after the completion of the Virtual Event Window (July 25th).




Step 1: Go to the Results Page of the event you're participating in.


Step 2: From the results page, click the “Submit a virtual result” button. 


Step 3: Sign In to your Race Roster account.


Confirm registration by entering your Confirmation number (found in your Event Confirmation e-mail that you received upon registration) and Last name.


Step 4: Add your results

  • Select the race that you have completed from the drop down bar

  • For the “Classic” Virtual Events, simply enter your “Overall Finish Time” in the boxes provided

  • For the “Challenge” Virtual Events, enter each of your individual discipline times (ie. bike time) into each of the boxes.  The disciplines will be automatically added together to produce a cumulative overall time.


Step 5: Screenshot

After you have entered your times, please upload an image of your GPS device/watch/treadmill, etc with your final time (Screenshot: Accepted file types are .jpg, .png, .gif. Max file size 32MB).


Step 6: Submit results

  • Please click the box for “I have read and understand the Privacy Policy, and I agree to the Terms of Service.”

  • Click “Submit Results” button


Step 7: Results

  • You will be taken to the Results Page where you can now see your results for your race event

  • Click on your name for results detail or to edit or delete your results

  • This is where you can also download your Finisher’s Certificate once the Virtual Event Window closes (after July 25th)


You are all set! Your results are now recorded


Questions? Any issues or questions regarding your TIMES or RESULTS?

Please email:

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