Victoria Half and Sprint Triathlon Announcement - 2022 BC Provincial Championships Awarded

December 18th, 2021

The Victoria Half and Sprint Triathlon on July 17th has been awarded the BC Provincial Championships for the Half distance event!

The Top 3 in each Age Group will earn a beautiful Tri BC Provincial Championships medal and bragging rights of being a podium finisher at Provincials!


Victoria Half and Sprint Triathlon Race Update - Event Status Announcement

June 7th, 2021

We tried hard… We really tried hard.


It is with great disappointment that we have to inform you that the 2021 Victoria Half and Sprint Triathlon cannot take place on July 18th.


We were on a mission to be the only larger triathlon taking place in BC this summer. As you may have heard, Ironman Canada (who are facing the same challenges as us but on an even larger scale) just announced that the event is postponed until the end of September and the ITU World Championship in Edmonton in August are cancelled altogether. Over the last 2 weeks our competitive spirit had us proposing every possible scenario to the governing and permitting bodies to still try to make this event happen.


As per the Government of BC’s announcement of the Restart Plan on May 25th, there was no reference to the number of participants allowed for competition, only that spectators were not allowed and that athletes could not travel for sport. ViaSport (Sport BC) offered an interpretation/ruling that the current number of participants would be maxed at 50 with no defined increase in participation for the next steps of the plan this summer.


From here we worked with Triathlon BC who was very helpful in communicating with viaSport and other BC sport governing bodies who were looking to host events. We were exploring starting waves of 50 to meet the current guidelines, however we could not receive a ruling on whether it would be accepted and what amount of time between waves would be deemed as meeting the current guidelines. The other challenging factor is that there are very few other individual-based sporting events with large participation to compare with this summer because they have been cancelled, postponed or are simply not normally scheduled for summer months.


On top of this, probably our biggest challenge is that there are over 10 different governing bodies that must approve/permit the event. Each of these entities has their own approval system and their own health officers or methods of how they are interpreting the Government of BC’s orders. At this time, 50 participants is the only approved number we can present them for an event held anytime before September 7th. We can hope this number goes up, but we can’t depend on it - and with less than 6 weeks to go to race day, it is not fair to the participants, organizers, suppliers and volunteers to live week to week hoping the event will be permitted at the 11th hour. The current guidelines make even a postponement to August uncertain and not feasible.


We offer our sincerest apologies. We tried our best.


We will send you your options via an Athlete Update email... 

Victoria Half and Sprint Triathlon Race Update - Event Status will be Announced this Week

May 31st, 2021

The BC Government made some exciting announcements last week with "BC's Restart: A Plan that will Bring us Back Together".


In this plan there are a number of easing of restrictions on sport. Outdoor practices are now allowed as well as outdoor local games and competitions. The number of participants was not defined and at this time, it is restricted to local participants with no spectators. Restrictions could be further reduced with increase vaccination rates, along with declining case counts and COVID-19 hospitalizations. 


We have been working hard since the announcement to determine whether the governing bodies will permit the event to take place. We have asked Triathlon BC and viaSport (Sport BC) for an interpretation on the maximum number of participants in a training session or local event. The current comfort level appears to be 50 participants with the opportunity for this to increase on July 1st. We have also asked the 10+ local governing bodies/permitting authorities with the event for their interpretation and where their comfort level is in approving/permitting the event.


We hope to have some concrete guidance back this week so that we can make a final decision on the status of the event for July 18th.


Thank you for your patience and we will be in touch with you soon.


In the meantime, keep training and staying fit!



Victoria Half and Sprint Triathlon Race Committee


Victoria Half and Sprint Triathlon Race Update - Two Months to Race Day

May 18th, 2021

We are now 2 months away from the Victoria Half and Sprint Triathlon.

We are committed to keeping good lines of communication open with the participants and everyone involved.


As new COVID cases rapidly fall, and vaccinations continue to rise in BC, we feel hopeful that the province is now moving strongly in the right direction. Will this be enough for local and provincial health authorities to let us race on July 18th? We don’t know. We wish we did.


We are fighting hard to have this event.


As we mentioned in our last update, our permit applications to the numerous governing bodies that approve this race have been diligently submitted, along with our strong COVID-19 Guidelines which are continuously being updated based on the successful triathlon races that are opening up again in the US and many other countries. The incredible event hoodies, tech shirts and other awesome race swag have arrived and are waiting for you! The beautiful finisher medals are on their way too.


We have decided to not make a decision on the status of the race until the week after the May long weekend when the current Provincial Health Order ends (May 25th). This will be the next logical time that the BC Government will make an announcement on summer events and restrictions.


Our message to you is still the same … Keep training, stick to your goals and stay fit! There is no downside to this no matter what happens.


And please like our page on Facebook for updates as well.



Victoria Half and Sprint Triathlon Race Committee

Victoria Half and Sprint Triathlon Race Update – 3 months to go

April 18, 2021


We are 3 months away from the Victoria Half and Sprint Triathlon. 

We remain optimists and have continued to work hard and plan for the event taking place on July 18th.  We have applied for all of the permits, announced the race courses, developed strong COVID-19 Guidelines, and the amazing tech shirts and hoodies have arrived!


We want to keep good lines of communication open with the participants and everyone involved.


It was hard to imagine last fall when we started planning for the event, that in April we would now be seeing record infection rates in British Columbia, the spread of more contagious virus variants, and a slow vaccine roll-out.  Because it is such a rapidly changing situation, and we have experienced other countries in the world now successfully bringing back outdoor sporting events, we will continue to plan for the best-case scenario.  Our COVID-19 Safety Plan/Guidelines will include a smaller event, spaced starts and distancing at all times, reduced touch-points, and many other safe practices.  We will also include a mandatory proof of vaccination or negative COVID-19 test (more coming on this soon).


Our message to you is … Keep training, stick to your goals and stay fit!

This is very important regardless of what the next 3 months shall bring for the event.


We will connect with you again in 30 days (2 months prior to the event) with an update.  This could be the time to make a decision on the status of the event so please look for that communication at this time.


And please like our page on Facebook for updates as well.



Victoria Half and Sprint Triathlon